Wednesday, April 04, 2007

A whole lot to see in Paris

I gotta admit that Paris was a pleasent surprise, I made this trip with Madrid in mind, and France was just an added place, but it is truly amazing, a lot to see and to do, but expensive, very expensive.

The great thing about drinking in public is that you can sight see and make funny videos at the same time, since it is legal in Paris, well, we just had to drink a beer next to the Big Antenna, I am not sure what that Big Ass Antenna is doing in the middle of the city, but I am convinced that it has something to do with the coverage.

And the streets are filled with detail, everywhere you turn there is a post card picture waiting to be taken.

So I took pictures, lots of them, and I am very glad I did.

Oh, this last picture of the tied up girl didn´t happend in Paris, it was in the US, I just felt like adding it.


Aries Girl said...

wow... fabulous pictures! you're really getting good. i just got a new camera for my birthday (thanks for the bday wishes by the way).. i'll have to do some major practicing! happy birthday (Soon!) to you too!

Burcu said...