Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Well, I think I'm gonna have to make use of what I have.

I have been dying for a new computer, and I want a brand new one, something nice and cool, but money is always an issue, since I got a roommate, turns out he has a piece of shit OLD computer, but it happens to work, well, that was after we actually opened it up and figured out there was something disconnected, and we plugged it back to where it is suppose to be plugged into.
Anyway, I can use that, ans I will have to, just 'cause I have a really good idea in my head for a very interesting novel, and long hand is out of the question, so now, research, I need examples of good and bad people, and of good and bad situations, what is your criteria as far as what makes a good person good, and what makes a person deserve Hell ( my book has to do with religion, but no preaching though, just need layers of complexity ). So, I can use some help finding where the scale tips over, in both directions, help please.

Friday, February 16, 2007


A long time dream of mine has come true, I, finally, will be traveling to Europe, I have never, ever, been there before, ( though people say I look Spanish or Italian ), and I will be visiting a childhood friend that I have not seen in three years, so we will be tearing up the town, he is currently in Madrid on a one year exchange program, and he said he really liked Paris, so that if I came to visit him, we should go somewhere besides Spain, so......I am flying into Paris on the 28 of March, be there for a while, he knows someone we can stay with, which helps a lot, and then on the first of April we are off to Madrid, I can hardly wait, and we will be taking the town by storm over there as well, hehehe, and who knows, maybe we will even go to Morocco, since it is so close to Spain and, I work with a lot of Moroccans, it just might be a must, I was already told that, with a phone call, it can be arranged for someone to pick me up and show me the town, and no hotel is needed, so that sounds appealing, we shall see what happens. But Europe, here I come.