Friday, September 22, 2006

You have it all, now have more.

Seriously, there have always been the rich parents that pay for everything that Junior could possibly need, I think that the transition of something to monetary nothing is very valuable in creating a better and stronger character, look at W. Bush, that is a man that has never had a single day of hard labor in his life, and he is ( sadly yet humorously ) running a country, I guess daddy really has a lot of money if he could afford junior the presidency.

Saturday, September 16, 2006

Dental Traveling

So to fix some cavities that I have, I would have to pay well over 1200 bucks, and that wasn't even the reason I went to the dentist, I need my wisdom teeth pulled out, and that would pretty much cost me my first unborn child, but ha!, that jokes on them, I'm not even getting laid, hehe, but, the better option is to go back home, and have it all taken care of over there, So I have a plane ticket to Guadalajara, and I am ready to get my teeth exorcised, to bad I won't be able to enjoy the good ol Mexican food as much as I would like to, but, It has to be done, so I will travel for dental care, I wonder if they will give me Morphine, probably not, but I will need SOME KIND of medication, Tequila won't do it for this kind of stuff.