Saturday, September 16, 2006

Dental Traveling

So to fix some cavities that I have, I would have to pay well over 1200 bucks, and that wasn't even the reason I went to the dentist, I need my wisdom teeth pulled out, and that would pretty much cost me my first unborn child, but ha!, that jokes on them, I'm not even getting laid, hehe, but, the better option is to go back home, and have it all taken care of over there, So I have a plane ticket to Guadalajara, and I am ready to get my teeth exorcised, to bad I won't be able to enjoy the good ol Mexican food as much as I would like to, but, It has to be done, so I will travel for dental care, I wonder if they will give me Morphine, probably not, but I will need SOME KIND of medication, Tequila won't do it for this kind of stuff.


Catherine said...

Thanks for commenting on my blog... have enjoyed reading yours. I will visit regularly!

Borrego said...

Why thank you, I hope to hear from you regularly, take care, and have fun in my country.

OakMonster said...

Exactly how I get my teeth done. In my 13 years in the US, I have not had an American dentist touch my teeth. I take them all back to my dentist in Bangkok.

Even a military coup can't change THAT. ;-)

Thanks for stopping by today!

sare said...

Hey - thanks for checking out my blog! Good luck with those teeth - perhaps a combination of Tequila and Tylenol would do??

Nadia Gilani said...

HAving the old Wisdome removed is indeed a bugger to scar for life. I trust you are over it by now?

You speak very good spanish and i am jealous!

what is it you do in COlorado? I have not been anywhere in the stated but NY. I have friends whom I hope will take me.