Wednesday, April 04, 2007

I´ll keep 'em coming.

I took a shot on the artistic pont of view of things, not bad huh? I still need to learn the basics of photography, but with practice I have been getting some really good pictures, I hope I can develope some kinda of talent for this.

Yup, that´s a beer, I am not much of a beer drinkier, but sometimes I go through fazes, and the was a really interesting type of beer, Amsterdam, 8.4% alcohol, try it.

A beautiful sunrise as we were flying over Ireland, this is how the old continent greated me, and I returned the smile, the great hing about this little camera is that it takes great pictures, the perfect companion.

The Arch of Triumph, a rather impressive work of commemoration to the french victories under Napoleon´s command, and a place I had wanted to see for quiete a while. Check.


Mike the Loser said...

Damn, OK, now I'm really pissed at everything and everyone: myself, the world, French people, and you in particular, for illustrating what a pathetic loser I am for not having been out of this state in 16 years. You're in France, dude! Aw, man, I am so jealous.

Have you gotten around to the Louvre yet? You gotta go see if all those things they said about the Mona Lisa in that crappy movie last year are true. You can tell me if Mona is really the size of a postcard, like somebody told me. The Mona Lisa really is in the Louvre, right? Or am I stupid?

Where are you headed next? You going to the Netherlands? Belgium? Hey, go to Lichtenstein and bring me back some Lichtenstein butter. I hear it's great.

Good luck and 'more pictures, dude'!

Mike the Loser? said...

P.S. I bet I know where that river view is: You were on the Pont d'Arcole, taking a picture of the Quai aux Fleurs (the busy street on the right), and the Pont Lous Philippe (the footbridge on the left). Am I right? I'm pretty sure, because of those stairs that go down to the water.

Borrego said...

I gues you are right, I walked all over Paris, so I don't know the names of half the palces I took pictures of, but you seem to know, that is great, see ya later Dude.

Mohd. Hashim Khan said...

There is a sense of smoothness in your pics. Good work.

Sapphirefly said...

I like photography and your pictures are really good. It's nice to see clear pics on a blog as well. It's annoying and ugly when they're fuzzy.