Friday, January 19, 2007

Pictures, second course, enjoy.

More San Miguel de Allende

In México City, subway station "Insurgentes".



algelic said...

I think you put a link to my blog and called it "Previous Posts". lol

Wow! You're gifted in photography, I see! I love the second picture (from the top). And I loved all the ones from your previous post. f you don't mind... I'm stealing a couple of them! ^^

angrygrrface said...

I love the picture that is fourth from the top-it's beautiful :)

sare said...

Thanks again for checking out my blog! Your pictures are... inviting! makes me want to continue travelling for the rest of my life - so much to see, so little time!
Yes, let's do it - link it up :)

bunnygirl said...

Wonderful pics! I'm especially intrigued by the one that looks like a tunnel. The angle of the light makes it look like something out of the Middle Ages.