Sunday, January 14, 2007

I posted some pics, tell the world

'Cause you won´t find these anywhere else, I took 'em, they are unique, haha, enjoy.

That one is right outside my apartment, lots of snow, but very pretty.

The Rocky Mou8ntains, from the ariplane.

Guadalajara, Jalisco

And this is San Miguel de Allende, Guanajuato

And this is around two in the morning
Now, Iwill be posting more pictures on my spanish blog, so check that out, "La oveja negra", on my links, bye.


bunnygirl said...

I love those old colonial buildings-- so much style and character. And they built to last back in those days, not like now. Will anyone be visiting one of today's WalMarts in 2307 to marvel at the architecture? I think not. I hope not.

jillian said...

i added you to my page.. you have taken some beautiful pictures! seriously! wow. i hope you're having an amazing time..

Mike said...

Dammit, man! When can I come down to San Miguel de Allende? And who are those chicas you're with? They're pretty!

Anonymous said...

Who is that idiot who thinks "chica" is the spanish word for "female"?

Borrego said...

Actually, "Chicas" is an every day word for "girls", and, I believe you are only familiar with "chica" being used as "small/tiny". Well, Chica(s) can be used either way.
The two girls on the ends are sisters, artist ( left ), and doctor ( right ). The middle gal with the incredible black thick hair is a really good friend I have known since the first grade, so that´s about 18 years, and they all are amazing.