Monday, December 18, 2006

So, where these people even there?

I was just at a holiday party, for the staff of Governor Bill Owens, and it was a quaint little get together, free booze, and finger food pass around on trays, the decorations in the official residence of the Governor are fantastic, the house in itself is beautiful, but the bullshit that was in the room was astonishing, granted, it was a republican gathering, nothing else is to be expected, but the way they were speaking of Bill Owens' "integrity and morality", all that phony speech of his values and his example as a person. The guy was fucking around with his mistress, he has an illegitimate child, and he is a huge fucking asshole, as a person nobody likes the guy, and everybody is glad he is leaving office. Agh, Republicans.

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jillian said...

April 12 is my mom's birthday. Weird. Thanks for the advice. I think I have a complex. But then again, who doesn't? Also - do you work for Gov Owens?