Saturday, December 30, 2006


"I'll believe it when I see it." Thanks for the support Pequeña, and yes I am still on track, and I am doing fine, granted, Thursday was very difficult, that fucking snow storm had me snowed in, so I had no distractions, on an average day, I am busy and that doesn't leave a whole lot of possibilities for the hormones to mess up my day, but since I was in my house, by myself, with not a whole lot to do, well.... It was, well, ( and I didn't want to use a pun here, but fuck it ), it was hard, so I needed to focus on other things, which was not at all easy, I did dishes, laundry, all my laundry as a matter of fact, wrote, cleaned up, and watched TV, which was a mistake, because there is always some half naked woman on TV trying to sell you something.
My biggest mistake was to keep watching Nip/Tuck, it is a great show, but it really made things more stressful, on season one Matt has a threesome with two REALLY HOT cheerleaders, I know, poor guy, but I managed, and Friday was OK, today I feel great and the lack of sex is under control, next week , I hit the gym, I have to burn this energy somehow.


Sapphirefly said...

Wow man! Your blog is WAY more personal than mine would ever dream of being. Guys think like this? Great! All my illusions are shattered.

Borrego said...

All your illusions are shateerd? Why? And yes, I need to make it personal, it is a tool for me, in more that one way, and it deddinetly is therappeutic

jillian said...

I love Nip/Tuck but you always see someone's naked body at some point in that show, so it's probably best to watch Full House or something equivalent to that. I'm going to Europe in February, I just bought my ticket when I posted that. Still finalizing the details but I'm more than excited.. How were your holidays?