Wednesday, July 26, 2006


I managed to get away...
But I can't take off my skin
to shed the horror, the dread,
seems I'm still sweating fear.

The games the mind can play
-games it seems I'll never win-
bringing back the panic... The dead
and it is always crystal clear.

Though I survived... In a way
living tastes just like sin
couldn't heal... So I fled
but I'm stuck in the same gear.

( This is something I wrote for a character in a movie, sadly the project never took off, but t he experience was good. )


sarah's_life said...

hi thanks for commanding me!
ur website really looks pretty!
by the way are u spanish..i'm!

sarah's_life said...

soy de España!¡Quiero su sitio, habla con usted luego!

Borrego said...

Ah, la Madre Patria, iba a visitar Madrid en Septiembre, pero parece que va a tener que ser hasta Abril, bueno, festejaré mi cumpleaños allá.

*Molks* said...

I said it before and now I say it again, I really liek the way you write...

I posted in your other blog as well.


angrygrrface said...

Hello there! I dig your writing.

sarah's_life said...

so u are g2g to spain..its really cool in least i think so! anyway i never have been in MExico! dunno why actually..i did go to Colombia
anyway have fun in Spain