Tuesday, July 11, 2006


So...I am aware of my age now more than ever, I can't help being this young, it's not my choice, and I can't speed up the process of becoming old, even though I feel like I am considerably underaged for my persona, I should be 32, or 35, something like that would make more sense, and I don't understand how my age has always been a disadvantage as far as dating, the last woman I had something to do with freaked out when she found out I am twenty four, she thought I was in my thirties, and that in itself was young enough, she is forty, as I said: She freaked out.
I have heard countless times how youth is the best time of one's life, be it childhood, adolescence, or the early twenties, somebody is always saying how those years were amazing, and I don't get it, I do enjoy certain things of being a young adult on my own, but from that to actually think these years rock well, that is a very big leap, and to be honest, I hated puberty, so if it is down hill from here, then I will welcome whatever thrill there is to come, last Friday night I almost got in a car accident twice, in a time frame of less than five minutes, curiously enough I wasn't afraid for myself, not at all, but I was worried for the guy that was driving, anyway, no harm was done.
So now what do I do, I guess the best thing to do is grow up regardless of my age, not that I am an immature person, but I can become 28 or 30 regardless of what my state ID says, first step, regrowing my beard, and this time it will not come off for a very, very long time. I should probably buy a car as well, definitely a computer, but the debate is whether or not should I say my real age. What do you think?


Megan said...

Hmm- my mom looked at me this morning and said, "I can't believe you're going to be 23- that's so old!" So I said, "What about YOU?" Nevermind the fact that she was married at 23...
I think it's complimentary that people think you're older than 24. Now, are you talking about THAT woman, thinking you were in your thirties? Ooops... I'm sorry! But I find it surprising that she didn't think of it as flattering- you know, how trendy it is now for older women to be with younger men.
I know there are certain life goals we are supposed to hit by a certain age, but I don't think you're behind in any way, as long as you're happy with where you are, have been, and will go. And if your maturity happens to indicate that you act with a wisdom that belies your years, isn't that all the better? I'm often told that I look about 16 - sometimes 18 or 19. I know I'm female, but I feel like I would wear my age like a ribbon. When I reach 50, I would think I'd be proud of my years.
I hope you're not growing that beard back to hide anything.

Megan said...

Also, I posted this comment to yours on my blog, but wasn't sure you'd find it again. I'm not forgetting, either!
Actually I was thinking of you, because you're one of the ONLY people who hasn't forgotten. I guess I was choosing not to highlight the lonely number, even if it was you, my dear.
And thank you for being there.

Borrego said...

Anytime Pequeña, you know I've got nothing but love for you, thank you for the comment.

kate laurel said...

Well, you know that beard is quite the age defy-er. Congrats. I think you should be whatever age befits you. You are sort of ageless, you know.


Anonymous said...

dude if your only worry is saying or not your real age.. then you must really be having a good time..

i mean.. what' so complicated about that?
(or at least i have to pay attention to more important thing than aging-stuff)

diana said...

primero, casi me haces orinar de la risa con lo de fucked off, jaja buena buena, oye, sabes lo que creo, creo que no dejes de ser niño no seas grande, se un niño no te apures por arrugarte solo arrugate de tanto que te reiste ese dia, yo siempre quiero ser una dia mas joven pero soy mas vieja la voz la piel el pelo los huesos las actitudes entonces por eso porq no procurar demorarle! igual sea lo que sea, se feliz. Y en esa pag q me mandaste cual escribes tu?

Borrego said...

Yo escribí "De peliculas y Sociedad", o sea, vete hasta abajo, y ahí estoy, dice Borrego, claro está