Tuesday, August 08, 2006


....I need to write about something, I really don't want all those huge gaps in my blog, but my brain is kinda numb right now, though, I am aware that I need to write an opinion about the world of cinema and the effect and influence it has on peoples lives, this from the Denver perspective, ( it a rather international effort my friend Hernan has come up with, an international blog for the global masses ). Sounds great, but what the hell do I write about? Without a doubt, here in the US, people seems to have a bigger void to fill, and what Jennifer Aniston is wearing, or whatever amount of punchlines "Wedding Crashers" has, seem to fill....Well, no not really, they don't fill the emptiness, but do get quite cozy in there, and seem to be entertaining enough to avoid dealing with the void. This of course is a generalization, but DAMN it is common, it seems that real substance is lost on the masses, and people who are ignorant really need to live the illusion that they are connected to the lives of celebrities, even the pseudo ones, it is very sad indeed, and as common as a tabloid newspaper.


Megan said...
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Jewels1 said...

Hi there!! You just left a comment on my blog, and I have to say, I totally agree with what you are saying here, also.
I am glad you didn't read further on my weblog, though. I, like many Americans, was taken in by the "illegals" hype for a bit, and posted a few comments about it. I should have known better, knowing what I do about the Hegelian Dialectic-so well orchestrated by the Elite! They set up a problem, people react, and they provide a "solution"...one which usually curtails more and more of our freedoms! So the whole "Illegals" thing was blown totally out of proportion. I am angry with myself for allowing them to manipulate me in this way!! DIVIDE AND CONQUER is, and always has been, the strategy of those who wish for more and more power!
I say this, yes, because you are obviously of Hispanic origin. And my comments would offend you. I will leave them as they are. For they represent the skill with which we may ALL be manipulated by the Media and the Government. I will, however, offer an apology on my blog toward anyone I may have offended. You, and anyone else, of any race, creed or color, have every right to live in America..such as she is! If these creeps don't completely destroy her, there mamy not BE an America LEFT!!
Take care my friend, and keep on blogging!!