Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Just so you know.

Windows SUCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Ashley Marie said...

i didn't know, but thank you for enlightening me about windows. as is evident, i am an intermittant blogger and even slower to respond to comments. the last time i responded to a comment a year after it had been posted, the guy had died in the meantime. seriously.

in any case, i hope you are alive and kickin, my friend. i just updated, and it is a lengthy one but not so fun as my other posts. i like linguistic feats and commentary on quirky things in life that amuse me...etc etc

lucky you to be in colorado. i want to apply to grad school at boulder.

oh, and i wish i could read spanish.


Deva said...

Since the previous comment appears to be a response to a comment so will mine. Windows sucks so you should use OS and feel free to use the pumpkin pic anytime. =)