Tuesday, May 09, 2006


Fear of death....Anglisism,
the celebration of the parting,
and invoking the darkness to
surround one's life, one's breath,
one's soul, one's pain, one's death.
For what?... For living,
for breathing, healing, re-living.
If your whole life passes
before your eyes in an instant,
then you live a whole life
within a second,
you live twice before
you fade to black.
Die... So you can live,
live.... Before you die.
Purge..... That's what
passing away means,
be drained of toxicity, of
the toxic pain or your being,
and absorb, resuscitate
so the burdens alleviate,
give in to the cycle
so you can be free within it,
exhale to inhale.

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