Tuesday, May 02, 2006

It's important that you know this,
it's important that you see
I'm a mess a dumb-fuck idiot,
but hey, it's still me.


Sammy said...

I just stumbled across yoor blog today and wanted to say I alot of what yoo say really resonates within myself too. Its important to just be who you are, and if anyone has a problem with that then tough. :)

Borrego said...

Thanx, it's good to know other people can get what I am trying to say, and the bottom line here is honesty, I try to be blunt about what I think and How I feel.

Cari said...

who are you??? You left a comment on my wall.

Megan said...

You're awesome, you dumb-fuck idiot.
Your dumb-fuck idiot friend,