Friday, April 28, 2006

So, are you guys ready...?

This monday there will be a boycott on behalf of the inmigreant population, so there will be several million people on board to send a message: WE ARE HERE, WE ARE NOT GOING ANYWHERE, AND WE WANT EQUALITY. If this movement reaches the proportions it can potentially reach, then we will be facing something historical of gargantous proportions, and the united States goverment is defenitely gonna have to listen, I am very anxious to see exactly what is going to happen, and the differrent reactions people will have.
Of course the Latin comunity is the leading force behind this, and with so many hispanics all over this country, we are to big of a force to ignore, a lot of people don't know that the nightly news transmitted from Univision has a larger audience that the news shows froms ABC, CBS and NBC combined! And that is every night monday thru friday, no fluke there.
Fortunately it isn't only the Latin community involved, but the asian community, as well as the Muslim, the Black, and the Jewish community are getting on board, and though it is true that the respons from these groups is not unanimous and of 100%, it is still a very large section from their populations, enough to make the message a whole lot louder.
But for now ( friday ), there is no way of knowing what the figures will be, we will just have to wait and see, and we will see...

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