Friday, March 31, 2006

Well, I am Me again...

...Or at least it seems like I am more like what I use to be, haven't played with knives in a while, and getting up in the morning does not involve summoning all my strenght just to get out of bed, it's good being able to enjoy the day, to look foward to something, anything, and not collapsing from within, no questioning the achievement of the breath I just let out and, or the purpose of bothering to go through life, things really are better. And i am getting back in touch with my inner child, I thought I had lost him... Well, "lost" is not the right word...Slaughter is more like it...Butcher, yeah, that's the word I am looking for, but it seems that the child is back, that my inner kid somehow survived, and his laugh is so refreshing, his views, though not as candid, are still full of life, and that is exactly the kind of nurture I am in need of.
So I don't know if I will ever be as close to my good inocent self as I once was, but I hope we can at least reconcile, how do you forgive the piss off grown up that went on a rampage on you and left you for dead?, I hope that kid that lives ( or lived ) in me can figure that out, something great about children is tha they can forgive and forget better than any adult can...I'm sorry...I truly am.

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