Friday, February 27, 2009

The Rocky Mountain News is gone

Well, just 55 days before their 150th anniversary, the Rocky Mountain News published today its very last issue.
This is resonating with the people of Denver in very interesting ways. Many are sad, I personally was shocked to hear about it. And this seems to be the trend with many corporations including Wolf Camera and Circuit City.
I do believe a few more big companies will fall, the question is: Which ones?


Mike said...

Hey, ya know, the denver Wolf Camera stores used to be called Robert Waxman Cameras, and they were locally owned (dunno if that applied to Wolf Camera), so Wolf Camera going out of business is like a two-fold punch in the balls for Denver folks.

looser_0274 said...

Esteeeee, comoesquesedice ????
sorry por dejarte botado todo este tiempo pero ya tesplicare algun dia..
Un abrazo desde Chile-...
Parezco novio arrepentido, no ??