Sunday, February 03, 2008

I love my Country

And the 10 days I spent there were fantastic. I did not want to leave. I flew into Guadalajara, Went to Nayarit, stay on the beach for a couple of days, Playa Los Cocos. Back to Guanatos, then went to to my beautiful San Miguel de Allende for an awesome weekend with a lot of friends.
México is gorgeous, sexy, fun, exciting, unique, and its mine, it is in my heart and in my soul. I can't help but going back, I just can't.


Missing said...

la de los novios la vi en vivo!

osea en vivo la foto, por que los novios sabe donde se meterian U_U

pillines jijiji

eso pensaria xavy U_U

quintarantino said...

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juLia said...
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juLia said...

Me quedé sin palabras... Qué hermosas fotos!

bLanchE ʚïɞ said...

Awww! las fotos, Me gustan vario.
Te quiero y te mando un beso.

Nikon said...

Thank you for your visit to Hemingway's Paris!
My computer has been dead for a week, so I had no idea who had paid me a visit & no way to say thank you.
I love your blog - very creative & colorful :-)