Thursday, July 12, 2007


I am writing a book, that deals with human nature, the essence that we have as people, regarding good and evil, our decisions, our actions and the consequences that they bring us, the interpretations of right and wrong that we can have, and there is also some religion involved. So if you can send me stories that speak of your experiences, or your opinions on what makes people good or bad, who is of benefit to society, who isn't, and where the line is drawn, I would appreciate it greatly.


Anonymous said...

Can I help you? dime como puedo ayudarte... chao

Sincerity said...

Wow. These are deep subjects your writing about Borrego. I'm curious, what is the title of your book going to be?

What makes people good or bad?... hm. Well first you need to solidify what good is to begin with. Does good mean when life goes " my way" or when people do things for personal reasons?
Is there a standard somewhere that all people everywhere can look at and say THAT is the standard of good?
And who can say what any person does is good or bad? The terrorists of 911 thought that what they did was good. They completely believed that they were doing " God's" work and would go to heaven as martyrs.
Does good mean what feels good at any given moment? You know that saying that goes, " If it feels good do it." But is that all " good" really means?