Monday, March 05, 2007


Winter is very depressing, and to be honest, i can't wait until this fucking cold dies completely, though today is warm, and life seems to be getting warmer, something that I appreciate, though, the tree are still in winter mode, and the spring is just teasing us.
Seems like I need a jumpstart with my novel, I think spring will be the best time to do it, however, the best time to do something is always now, so, I will get down to it before the week is over, I truly need to get it started, not worried, just anxious.


algelic said...

I don't really miss those very hot summer days. I prefer the nice sunny days when it's not too hot or too cold. And yes... I'm sick of winter!!

Oh, by the way... I am available on the first half of april. If you come to portugal... what kind of things to you want to do? Visit museums, bars, restaurants, sightseeing?

Mike the Loser said...

Sorry about the weather, dude. Most times here in Colorado, it is NEVER like this. In 1995, I was raking leaves in my shorts at X-mas. (How those leaves got in my shorts, I'll never know, but the rake was a pain in the butt :)

Borrego said...

I wanna do it all, museums, sight seeing, bars, you name, I'll do it, but if I do go to Portugal, it will for sure a short visit, a couple of days probably, I wish Icould stay longer, is there any chance I can talk you in to having some Paella in Madrid?
And winter here sucks, tha is why I am complaining, but this too shall pass, just like the rake in Mike's shorts, by the way, Dude, there has got to be a better way to get rid of them, try a leaf blower next time.